July 2008

  • WordPress for iPhone is here

    The iPhone WP app has been released. For those moments when you have to post on the go, this’ll do. I’d link to it, but there’s no copy and paste in iPhone land…

  • Pandora on the go

    It’s no surprise that Pandora is an ear-opening musical experience. I first gummed up my office LAN with it years ago. But, other than giving great demo, I’ve rarely found Pandora as something I listened to for any extended period. But taking it on the road? That’s a whole new and very rewarding experience. Makes […]

  • My new favorite iPhone app: Shazam

    We live in The Time of The Jetsons. True, we may not yet have folding suitcase-cars. Or live in space cities. And our dogs won’t say “ruh-roh,” no matter how much we ply them with Snausages. But we do have flat screen TVs. And robots. And treadmills. And now we have this: The ability to […]