October 2008

  • New Business Models for News: Rebuilding the Newsroom

    At the CUNY summit last week, I was assigned to the group that looked at rethinking our newsrooms to meet the current financial imperatives. Or, as someone wryly named us, “the cost-cutting group.” But, as Chris O’Brien, one of the thought-leaders in that group, notes in his excellent distillation of the day’s themes and discussions, […]

  • We still talk about circulation because circulation still counts

    In a letter posted to Romenesko (no comments allowed, otherwise I’d just post this there), Matt Baldwin of MediaNews Group wonders why there’s so much focus on reporting declining reporting newspaper circulation instead of celebrating the much more robust overall audience, including online, which has been exploding with growth in recent years. He’s right, to […]

  • “Newspapers? Newspapers? Nah, doesn’t ring a bell.”

    This is one of those non-scientific polls that, nonetheless, is going to jam a shiv in the heart of anyone hoping there’s as much love for the printed paper among “the people” as there is within a lot of newsrooms. Lifehacker.com asked the question this morning: Will you miss newspapers when they’re gone? 120 replies […]

  • From the outside, the answer seems obvious

    Mark Andreessen – Netscape and Ning founder, Facebook board member and investor in live-video site Qik – interviewed on Portfolio.com, looks at the current newspaper revenue and circulation crisis and sees… opportunity: If you were running the New York Times, what would you do? Shut off the print edition right now. You’ve got to play […]

  • The past 12 years had nothing but bad news for print circulation

    As industry observers such as Alan Mutter and Mark Potts try to sort out the meaning of the latest newspaper circulation numbers, and what they mean in context of the past 10-15 years, I thought it would be instructive to look at the numbers from ABC for one market, my local market newspaper, The Baltimore […]

  • New Business Models for News: The opening salvo

    I’ve been remiss in posting this. Here’s Jeff Jarvis last week kicking off the New Business Models for News conference. This is part one of two. You’ll find the second part linked at the end of part one. This conversation could not have come at a more critical time. Circ. is down. Revenue is down. […]

  • Helping local businesses to grow: A follow-up to the New Business Models for News summit

    Thanks to the New Business Models for News summit organized by Jeff Jarvis at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, I have a spiral notebook full of ideas flagged for followup, which I plan to address on this blog. This morning, a quick one, courtesy of data from Eric Stein of Google. As we wrestle […]