Jason Calacanis: The 120% Solution

Jason Calacanis suggests a solution to the ills that are plaguing us at the moment. And it’s not necessarily what you expect:

Work 20% harder.

It was our collective sloth, consumption and sense of entitlement that
got us into this mess, and the only thing that will get us out of will
be lots of hard work.

If you’ve got a good job, you should bust your butt to make your
company as successful and profitable as possible.  That way, salaries
can increase, jobs can be created and your products and services
become so world class, the phrase “Made in America” will come to mean
something other than “not worth buying.”

If you’re working at a government job, you should be putting in extra
hours to reduce government spending. Come in this weekend and make the
government more efficient. (Yes, I just told a government worker to
come in on Saturday.)

If you’ve got credit card debt, pay it down if you can.

If you’ve got a mortgage, pay it off if you can.

If you work in the service industry, try to work 20% faster and come
up with ideas to make your team more efficient.

Like all great ideas, it’s over-simplified and a little flawed in the details if you poke at it, but it’s still brilliantly direct, and easy to remember: whatever you’re doing, kick it up a notch.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents got this. They all sacrificed so that we could get fat and happy. Now it’s time to start thinking of the kids of 2050, and what kind of country they’re going to inherit, based on our work ethic now.

Take a few moments and read it. As is the case with all good advice, it’s both memorable and attainable.

Tim Windsor

VP, Content & Conversion at LendingPoint LLC
I lead media companies and other organizations that want to develop and improve their mobile and digital strategies and technologies, grow audience, and build sustainable digital revenue.