January 2009

  • Paying for foreign reporting requires creative financing

    Whether the shuttering of foreign bureaus by metropolitan newspapers and some TV networks in recent years — to refocus efforts stateside as budgets tightened — was a good thing or bad is certainly worthy of debate. But what is certain is that, as a result, there are now fewer reporters covering fewer stories in foreign […]

  • How to grow local revenue, despite the ad inventory glut

    So, what to do about this over-abundance of advertising inventory in our local markets? Unlike some in this industry who are looking, again, at some form of paid content as the solution to the revenue crisis, I still believe that there’s a lot of life left in the ad-supported model. We haven’t been particularly creative […]

  • Five people I wish Jim Romenesko quoted more

    (This is a follow-up to Friday’s list of five people outside journalism that all journalists should read.) I will forever be in Jim Romenesko‘s debt for a number of reasons. First, he’s a great read, reporting as he does every last scrap of news about the journalism biz. Second, he’s wicked fast, an example many […]

  • Why it’s so hard to move revenue from print to online

    It’s shorthand for the chief problem of transitioning a local news operation’s business model from print to online: Newspaper revenue dollars become online pennies. Despite increasing readership online, advertisers continue to pay a much higher price when they place their ads in print. A lot of that has been laid to inertia on the part […]

  • Six essential non-journalism bloggers for your feed reader

    I have a confession. My feed reader is half-full of journalists writing about journalism. Which, in itself isn’t all that bad, I suppose. But perspective is welcome after an hour wallowing in twelve takes on the latest bad news from the world of publishing. So that’s why the other half of my feed reader is […]

  • Buy a newspaper or save a newspaper: Your choice

    What’s the better way to save the newspaper business? Sign a pledge on Facebook to buy a newspaper on February 2nd? Or work from within to show journalists how to use Facebook (or MySpace or Twitter or Google or just how and why to link) to advance journalism beyond the old business of ink on […]

  • CNN and Facebook create the next great news-watching experience

    There’s no shortage of post-Inaugural commentary available on the web today. So I’ll keep this short. But I have to say that the CNN/Facebook integration absolutely rocked. Look at this: Read the whole post at The Nieman Lab.