March 2009

  • How Apple media swarms the news

    On the Nieman Journalism Lab today, I point to the semi-yearly ritual of Apple-focused media covering today’s iPhone 3.0 announcements as a great example of distributed reporting, well-suited to a web and mobile delivery model. For more, and links to all the iPhone 3.0 action, please join me at The Lab.

  • Why won’t news sites link?

    It’s a great story. A magician posts videos of him shipping himself to Vegas from upstate New York via UPS. The Feds investigate. Turns out it’s a hoax and a publicity stunt. Hilarity ensues. So far, so good. But you’re reading this online. What’s your first thought? Right: Where’s the video? You won’t find it […]

  • More evidence that social media works

    Susan Mernit — another prolific and incisive writer that may not be yet be among the bookmarks of enough journalists — shares a long excerpt of an even more exhaustive White Paper on how she and her team used social media to significantly raise awareness of the most recent Knight News Challenge. In “Case study, […]

  • “Predisposed to miserabilism”

    While we’re thinking Big Thoughts about what to do after the last press wheezes to its end, I thought I’d share this funny graf about newspapermen from James Lileks, newspaperman: You can’t avoid being tagged as habitual downers when you’re in the news business, because the Truth Hurts, or at least Hurts Someone Else – […]

  • Einstein proves advertising and content are not necessarily opposites

    The current newspaper business revenue crisis has led to some old ideas being dusted off and presented as new (Paid content! Micropayments! Preservation of print circulation!), and who knows? Maybe some of the experiments rumored and foreshadowed in Long Island and Seattle and across the Hearst Empire will net some needed dollars for the ongoing […]