August 2009

  • There is no mobile web

    Steve Yelvington has seven points you should consider about what we’ve been calling the “mobile web,” the most interesting one of which is the first: There is no Mobile Web. There is only one Web, and it is the real Web. All the pseudo-Webs and WAP-services and walled-garden fakery are dead. Good stuff. It’s all […]

  • It’s our most fuel-efficient vehicle yet!

    Car retailer Jack Antwerpen shows us he’s the biggest dealer in town in today’s full-page cover to the Autos section of The Baltimore Sun. But, as Norma Desmond might have said, it’s not that the dealers have gotten bigger; it’s that the cars have gotten smaller. So much smaller. Yes, this shall be submitted to […]

  • Apple in my eye

    I see these a lot while driving around: Now, maybe it’s because I drive a Honda Element with an Apple sticker on the back that I notice everyone else that goes by me in a Honda Element with an Apple sticker, but I think that somewhere at Apple or Honda there’s a Venn Diagram on […]

  • Brit makes Baltimore reporters look like gits

    Healthy skepticism — in blogging and in Big Iron reporting for a metro daily — is a necessary tool to have at all times. Take yesterday’s YouTube embed, allegedly from Baltimore’s tourism office, suggesting that Baltimore, the city, is safer than you’d think from watching The Wire on television. My initial reaction was shock at […]

  • Having my say about “Say Everything”

    Say Everything is about people. But first, the news. — The destruction of two buildings in lower Manhattan marked the end of a lot of things — mainly our assumptions about how the world worked — and the beginning of a lot more. It also marked the moment when both traditional online news and the […]

  • Baltimore: Not quite as lethal as you think

    This is a joke, right? Because, if not, the blowback and the apologies will certainly be entertaining to watch. Update: It’s definitely not the work of Visit Baltimore, the city’s tourism board, despite what the snookered¬†City Paper says.

  • Kaboom!

    Hah! It figures that the moment I decide to start writing about WordPress, my fancy-schmancy custom theme decides that it’s going to explode on the single posts. There’s work to be done… EDIT TO ADD: Looks like I’ve reverted to the stock theme. Marina hated that picture of me anyway. So enjoy the stock imagery […]