September 2009

  • Why I’ve been M.I.A.

    This site has been quiet as I burned the midnight oil, along with new colleague Kiel McLaughlin to launch the new Johns Hopkins University web site. I think it looks pretty good, but then, I’m biased. Six weeks from start to finish, so there are still (many) rough edges to polish, but we wanted to […]

  • WordPress blowed up real good

    I think I now understand how Windows partisans feel when people like me get all smug about how viruses just seem to like that particular operating system. Because I’m in a similar sitch at the moment with WordPress. As you may have heard, all hell broke loose this weekend as a worm had its way […]

  • Is wonderful to have your web!

    Apologies to the few legitimate commenters, but I had to turn on moderation. It seems this site has picked up a few new friends who really, really want to introduce you to the inexpensive pharmaceutical products they have to offer. For some reason, Akismet is not working here in the same way it works beautifully […]