June 2010

  • Local TV news: Waiting for the other shoe to drop

    Remember recently how Alan Mutter warned that the business of local TV news — supported primarily by expensive advertising on its flagship news programs — was about to be newspapered? That is, to have its very business model rendered, eventually, moot? Well, here are two more signs that the other shoe is dangling by the […]

  • The iPad may be flipping the usage pattern

    Now this is really interesting. For the first time that I can remember, the typical traffic burst pattern established for more than a decade on the¬†Internet has flipped with the iPad: The spikes are coming on the weekend. This bears further study, but this is an intriguing clue as to how those two million early […]

  • Fake Steve Jobs

    I just wandered over to allthingsd.com to see what time the Steve Jobs shindig kicks off and saw this: Apparently the WSJ artist couldn’t get ahold of Jobs for a sitting and instead drew the barista down the street who “really looks a lot like Steve.”