July 2010

  • Flipboard makes browsing fun again

    Pardon me while I gush like one of those cat-eyed girls at Shea Stadium when Ringo and the boys last blew through New York: WOW! If you have an iPad, or if you know someone who has an iPad, download Flipboard as soon as you can to get an idea of what a fresh approach to […]

  • But Safari IS an infinitely better browser than Firefox!

    You want to know just how sad and twisted my Mac love is? As funny as this Onion piece is, a part of me kind of wishes it were true. New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

  • Ditching “The View From Nowhere”

    Jay Rosen has another valuable rumination on his aptly named PressThink site. This time, he’s taking on what we called for years “objectivity,” but which he posits should be thought of as “The View From Nowhere,” a just-the-facts approach that attempts to bleed (unsuccessfully) any hint of opinion from reporting. Shifting about in these language […]

  • A quick question for copy editors

    If you’re line-editing the story about the tourist “duck boat” collision in Philadelphia today, do you really leave this in? Witness Talmadge Robinson said the duck boat was stopped in the river when the collision occurred. A nurse’s assistant, Robinson said he was sitting ashore when he saw the barge approaching the immobile vehicle. “There […]

  • Do ink-stained undergrads have an advantage?

    I’d missed this last week when it was first posted, so thanks to Towson University’s Stacey Spaulding for pointing out a short but convincing essay on why it makes a lot of sense for a college student to work on the university newspaper, even if a career in journalism is the furthest thing from her […]

  • Declaring independence from proprietary systems

    I like what they’re doing at the Journal Register company this weekend: Producing their online and print editions using only free tools. They dubbed it internally the Ben Franklin project, chronicling the project through, what else, a blog. Here’s a video of one editor as the print edition comes off the (still-proprietary) press: It’s still […]

  • As American as, well, community news

    Here we are in the great weekend marking the beginning of the 235th year since we gave notice to old King George. We celebrate July 4th — the instant of the camel’s back breaking, our collective Popeye moment —  but we neglect to mention the many years to come where the British, unsurprisingly, did not simply […]