April 2011

  • The inevitable arc of any ‘controversial’ tech story

    By now, you’ve heard about the fact that your iPhone has been caching its location data file for months, leaving a nifty but, for some, troubling series of virtual breadcrumbs showing the phone’s movement over time. I tend to agree with Gruber and other cooler heads that this is half-intentional, half-mistake. The intentional point is […]

  • Dear Amazon: Love the “Lending Library.” Now let me give my e-books to the local library.

    Amazon announced today that, later this year, 11,000 libraries across the United States will be participating in the Kindle Lending Library, which will allow library patrons to borrow Kindle books. Great idea, and long overdue. But I want more. Or, if we’re getting technical about it, less. I want to be able to donate my […]

  • Now that’s how to help a new user

    A quick work-related link this morning. The new Patch iPhone app was released on iTunes this morning. I think there’s a lot to like there — especially if you’re in one of the 800+ (and growing) towns with its own Patch. One well-designed small feature struck me immediately after I’d loaded the app: The simple […]

  • How do you spend $40 million on a pay wall? You don’t

    No real surprises here: Sulzberger says the NY Times pay wall didn’t cost $40 million. Or even close. He doesn’t share any further details, but my bet is that a lot of that $40 million is marketing and first-year revenue loss, tracked as a cost (with the assumption of better numbers in the out years).

  • “What problem are you solving?”

    This is a link to the most useful post I’ve read in ages. Ostensibly, it’s about how Mark Wahlberg “cut some corners” to make his magnificent “The Fighter” movie. But it’s really about how to focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, and whether the methods to get there you’ve been told are the right […]