May 2012

  • Free swim in the workplace: 37signals gives over June to creativity

    One of my favorite companies — 37signals — just moved up another notch in my estimation, declaring the entire month of June as an opportunity for experimentation and, apologies to Merlin Mann, blue-sky imagineering.  This June will be a full month of free time to think, explore, mock up, prototype, whatever. People can go solo […]

  • Advertisers are slow to follow the audience to mobile

    From Mary Meeker’s just-released annual KPCB presentation on Internet trends: I believe that blue column on the left is what the smart folks call a trailing indicator.  

  • Small inverted pyramids, loosely joined

    Matthew Ingram picks up the great conversation sparked by Jeff Jarvis the other day, revisiting the idea that the article, as traditionally constructed in newspaper, magazines and, yep, blogs, has probably outlived its usefulness in that form. Jarvis argues that the simplest solution is to start thinking about reporting as being composed of multiple objects: […]

  • Young entrepreneurs are clamoring for newsprint, apparently

    Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Saints, arguing against the Times-Picayune’s decision to go to a digital-first footing and cut back on the printed product to three days a week: This morning I read, in my Sunday Times-Picayune, where New Orleans has become a magnet city and one of the most desired cities for […]

  • Apple’s still got it.

    Here’s Tim Cook tonight, at The D Conference. He’s talking specifically about Apple and television, but he could be talking about how any company should approach any opportunity: “Here’s the way we’d look at it. Not just at this, but other areas. We’d look and ask, can we control the key technology? Can we make […]

  • With smartphones now half of U.S. cellphones, what does that mean for local publishers?

    Any day now, some new Android or iPhone user will activate her freshly-purchased phone and, like that, the world will change. Because at that very moment, more than half of all active cellphones in the U.S. will be smartphones. More than half. And that number will not simply hold steady. I imagine it will continue […]