July 2012

  • What if your users actually want to play along with NBC’s tape-delay?

    Jay Rosen just asked this on Twitter: So how come no one’s writing about the odd and forbidding art of eluding the news when you want to watch a race on tape delay in prime time? The answer I had when I was with The Baltimore Sun now seems quaint, based on what I’m seeing […]

  • Sparrow in the coal mine

    I’m as guilty as the next guy for grumbling when I heard that Sparrow — the excellent OS X and iOS mail client — was just end-of-lifed thanks to Google purchasing it and the team that developed it. I don’t begrudge the team their success; my complaint is simply that a great thing that I […]

  • Just enough news: Next Draft

    Following on my post about Evening Edition, I wanted to drop a quick note here about Dave Pell’s excellent Next Draft, a daily mid-day email newsletter that does a fine job of assembling a few-minutes’ worth of reading and links about what’s happening today online. It’s really not that much different from a good linkblog, […]

  • Editing the news: In 2012 it’s a bold new idea

    Mark Twain didn’t actually say “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” (It was Blaise Pascal.) But the point holds. Writing short and tight takes time. Which might explain why the news web site I used to run has 485 links today on its home page. It’s just easier […]

  • Narrativization

    There are more than enough reasons to feel uncomfortable with what Journatic’s been up to recently. There were the phony bylines. There’s the question of covering a local community from afar. And, most recently, the issue of at least one of their writers cribbing content from competitors and making things up. But those are all fixable […]

  • Newspaper’s woes: What a difference seven years doesn’t make

    This was going to be a comment on Alan Mutter’s post “What’s Next For Newspapers?” but The Newsosaur’s commenting system is in a cranky mood this morning. So, here you go, with some clips for context. — Alan Mutter says recent moves and rumblings in newspaperland point to a coalescing around three possible routes to […]

  • And, now, a (welcome) word from our sponsor

    Would anyone ever sit still for an ad that goes on for eleven-and-a-half minutes? Not a chance, right? And yet, this just happened on a podcast I listen to — The Talk Show — in which John Gruber and Merlin Mann burned through almost 700 seconds talking about a new iPhone app, Launch Center Pro. […]