• NEWSFLASH: In digital advertising, less really is more

    According to today’s Wall Street Journal, digital publishers are waking up to the undeniable reality that digital display advertising is a train wreck, causing grief for users and bringing little to no value to advertisers. No wonder, then, that in this ridiculously cluttered marketplace, revenues for digital display are crashing for publishers. Publishers brought this […]

  • The truth is that CNN et al are covering the biggest political story in American history. The subject of the story isn’t happy. That’s par for the course.

    Dave Winer
  • The death of old media creates opportunity for new growth

    For at least 12 years, a forest fire has been raging in the local news space. Business models have evaporated. Casual readers and paying customers alike have moved on. And journalists have wondered more than once why they even bother. But it’s not all bad. Because as dramatic and destructive as exploding trees can be, […]

  • Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

    — John Cleese
  • Subcompact Publishing

    Craig Mod does a much better job than I did a few posts back in articulating what is so special and revolutionary about Marco Arment’s The Magazine, which Mod cites as an exemplar of what he dubs Subcompact Publishing. The clarity of The Magazine is exciting. It’s doubly exciting because it’s precisely the sort of app at […]

  • Mobile surges for online purchases, but Android is slipping. Why?

    Horace Dediu has some interesting data today on the growth of mobile as a percentage of Black Friday online purchases. This year, mobile accounted for nearly one-quarter of all purchases. Use that datapoint this week when anyone tells you that a mobile-first approach to digital communications and commerce is still “too soon.” Digging deeper, though, […]

  • Tragedy of the commons?

    Even though Gallup’s complaint sounds an awful lot like newspapers decrying those darned aggregators & search engines, and Salon calls sour grapes and jealousy, there’s some truth here: If everyone were to adopt Nate Silver’s methodology there wouldn’t be original polling data to analyze in aggregate. Link.