• How one geek just outdid the entire publishing industry

    Most of my friends and colleagues in journalism or the magazine world have never heard of Marco Arment. A few more may have actually used his offline article reader, Instapaper. But I’d be willing to bet that almost none of them realize that, earlier this month, Marco surprised everyone by simply doing a few things […]

  • Know your rights: Fair Use

    Though it’s tempting to make a meta-joke and simply copy/paste the entire study here, here’s a pointer toward an excellent study from American University released recently on journalists and the concept of Fair Use. It makes three important points: Overall, journalists have very little idea what Fair Use really is. Somehow, thought, many journalists intuitively […]

  • Did Craiglist just leave the door open a crack?

    Ben Brooks has a great post that gets straight to the point about a business that, suddenly, is wide-open with possibilities again: Local classified ads. I can’t be the only one that thinks Craigslist is ripe for a disruption, because there is so much wrong with it that goes beyond the hideous and user hostile […]

  • What if your users actually want to play along with NBC’s tape-delay?

    Jay Rosen just asked this on Twitter: So how come no one’s writing about the odd and forbidding art of eluding the news when you want to watch a race on tape delay in prime time? The answer I had when I was with The Baltimore Sun now seems quaint, based on what I’m seeing […]

  • Sparrow in the coal mine

    I’m as guilty as the next guy for grumbling when I heard that Sparrow — the excellent OS X and iOS mail client — was just end-of-lifed thanks to Google purchasing it and the team that developed it. I don’t begrudge the team their success; my complaint is simply that a great thing that I […]

  • Just enough news: Next Draft

    Following on my post about Evening Edition, I wanted to drop a quick note here about Dave Pell’s excellent Next Draft, a daily mid-day email newsletter that does a fine job of assembling a few-minutes’ worth of reading and links about what’s happening today online. It’s really not that much different from a good linkblog, […]

  • Editing the news: In 2012 it’s a bold new idea

    Mark Twain didn’t actually say “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” (It was Blaise Pascal.) But the point holds. Writing short and tight takes time. Which might explain why the news web site I used to run has 485 links today on its home page. It’s just easier […]