• Narrativization

    There are more than enough reasons to feel uncomfortable with what Journatic’s been up to recently. There were the phony bylines. There’s the question of covering a local community from afar. And, most recently, the issue of at least one of their writers cribbing content from competitors and making things up. But those are all fixable […]

  • Newspaper’s woes: What a difference seven years doesn’t make

    This was going to be a comment on Alan Mutter’s post “What’s Next For Newspapers?” but The Newsosaur’s commenting system is in a cranky mood this morning. So, here you go, with some clips for context. — Alan Mutter says recent moves and rumblings in newspaperland point to a coalescing around three possible routes to […]

  • And, now, a (welcome) word from our sponsor

    Would anyone ever sit still for an ad that goes on for eleven-and-a-half minutes? Not a chance, right? And yet, this just happened on a podcast I listen to — The Talk Show — in which John Gruber and Merlin Mann burned through almost 700 seconds talking about a new iPhone app, Launch Center Pro. […]

  • On July 4th, thinking about committing acts of community journalism

    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to cover the news ourselves, that’s probably a really good idea. And, according to a report from The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, there’s a crying need as well, in Washington state and, one would imagine, from sea to shining […]

  • HuffPost opens up polling data through an API

    Awesome news for anyone who cares about deep, rich data, ready for sifting: Developers and election watchers take note: The Huffington Post just released a polling data API. The Huffpost Pollster API will allow anyone to dig into more than 13,000 opinion polls on the presidential election as well as U.S. House and Senate races. The data will be […]

  • Building a car-friendly news environment

    A 2011 post by Steve Buttry has been gnawing a hole in my consciousness for a few weeks now. It’s called “Newspapers don’t need new ideas; here are lots of ideas for new revenue streams.” In the post, Steve talks about some of the money-left-on-the-table scenarios in the local news publishing space, but the first […]

  • Local news is not an island

    On a recent edition of his Critical Path podcast, (right around the 52-minute mark) Horace Dediu notes an interesting fact hiding in plain sight in the most recent Apple keynote at WWDC: Apple is entering into more partnerships for content and solutions than ever before. Partnerships such as with MLB or NBA for scores and […]