• Digging below the Surface

    I love that Microsoft seems to have awakened to the fact that it’s 2012 with the introduction of their Surface concept. Here’s hoping they can actually ship this and do so at a decent price. It’ll be good for the market and great as a prod to Apple to keep innovating further. Until then, Horace […]

  • How to craft social media rules for journalists

    This is a bit old, but I hadn’t seen it until today, thanks to the topic rearing its ugly head again around the recent Barrett Tryon kerfuffle. Anyway, here’s John Paton, outlining his company’s social media rules for journalists: Some of you have asked what are JRC’s Employee Rules For Using Social Media. To keep […]

  • The forecast is hyperlocal

    I walk for about an hour every day. Which means, if I don’t want to get rain-soaked occasionally, I’d better know when the storms are coming. That involved a lot of guesswork and inference on my part. I’d look at the hourly report on weather.com and pull up the live radar on wunderground.com. It wasn’t […]

  • Why do we love to highlight the downside?

    My feed reader lit up in the past day with an interesting bit of primary research on some numbers that Kickstarter doesn’t make particularly easy to find: the percentage of successful vs. failed projects on the popular crowd-funding service. Jeanne Pi from AppsBlogger.com commissioned a scraper script to try to get at that number herself. Here’s what […]

  • Why all commenting systems should have a “like” button

    From a comment thread on the rebuttal by Ryan Chittum to Howard Owens’s rebuttal of David Simon’s paean to the paywall, Steve Buttry nails it: Chittum writes: “When it comes to paywalls, the question is settled.” Did I miss the news story about all those non-newspaper sites deciding to erect paywalls? Can’t direct-link, but it’s […]

  • We’re not special

    I wonder how much harrumphing filled the air as this sensible high school commencement address by teacher David McCullough, Jr. unspooled. Contrary to what your u9 soccer trophy suggests, your glowing seventh grade report card, despite every assurance of a certain corpulent purple dinosaur, that nice Mister Rogers and your batty Aunt Sylvia, no matter […]

  • What’s the boiling point of goodwill?

    Is your local paper slowly burning off its key asset, goodwill? Matthew Ingram takes a swing at the answer, via a pickup and close-reading of a post by media analyst Jack Shafer: In order to avoid the accusation that they are just liquidating the goodwill of a generation of readers (and advertisers), newspaper owners need […]