Higher Ed

  • Middlebury College rewards inquiring minds

    A colleague sent me a link to Middlebury College’s web site recently, and I was really impressed. It’s very simple – just a name, a search box, some navigation and a horizontally-scrolling series of colored bars: But hidden inside those colored bars is a candbox-like invitation to sample stories about the institution that’s kind of […]

  • Paying for foreign reporting requires creative financing

    Whether the shuttering of foreign bureaus by metropolitan newspapers and some TV networks in recent years — to refocus efforts stateside as budgets tightened — was a good thing or bad is certainly worthy of debate. But what is certain is that, as a result, there are now fewer reporters covering fewer stories in foreign […]

  • Who are the digital natives? And what do they want?

    Anyone in the business of trying to communicate in a substantial way with younger people – and while this generally falls into the subset of “Anyone With A Web Site that’s not aarp.org,” I’m thinking here mainly of higher education and news web sites – should waste no time in picking up a copy of […]