Hyperlocal News

  • Narrativization

    There are more than enough reasons to feel uncomfortable with what Journatic’s been up to recently. There were the phony bylines. There’s the question of covering a local community from afar. And, most recently, the issue of at least one of their writers cribbing content from competitors and making things up. But those are all fixable […]

  • On July 4th, thinking about committing acts of community journalism

    When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to cover the news ourselves, that’s probably a really good idea. And, according to a report from The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, there’s a crying need as well, in Washington state and, one would imagine, from sea to shining […]

  • Building a car-friendly news environment

    A 2011 post by Steve Buttry has been gnawing a hole in my consciousness for a few weeks now. It’s called “Newspapers don’t need new ideas; here are lots of ideas for new revenue streams.” In the post, Steve talks about some of the money-left-on-the-table scenarios in the local news publishing space, but the first […]

  • Local news is not an island

    On a recent edition of his Critical Path podcast, (right around the 52-minute mark) Horace Dediu notes an interesting fact hiding in plain sight in the most recent Apple keynote at WWDC: Apple is entering into more partnerships for content and solutions than ever before. Partnerships such as with MLB or NBA for scores and […]

  • The forecast is hyperlocal

    I walk for about an hour every day. Which means, if I don’t want to get rain-soaked occasionally, I’d better know when the storms are coming. That involved a lot of guesswork and inference on my part. I’d look at the hourly report on weather.com and pull up the live radar on wunderground.com. It wasn’t […]