Social Media

  • How to craft social media rules for journalists

    This is a bit old, but I hadn’t seen it until today, thanks to the topic rearing its ugly head again around the recent Barrett Tryon kerfuffle. Anyway, here’s John Paton, outlining his company’s social media rules for journalists: Some of you have asked what are JRC’s Employee Rules For Using Social Media. To keep […]

  • New job specialty needed: Product Unplacement

    Mad Men fans know why Jaguar isn’t exactly thrilled about recent episodes, including last night’s in which the brand’s famous mechanical unreliability (at least in the 1960s) is a key plot point. But I wonder if the “Hey, we get it, we’re cool with it…” approach works here, given what the “it” in the tweet […]

  • Can local advertising for small businesses be easier?

    There’s no question that local advertising on the web should work. After all, the digital space is where audience is growing. Also, it’s much, much easier to target potential customers, geographically, demographically and psychographically. And, yet, outside of Google’s products, there haven’t been a lot of easy, simple digital solutions to help a small business […]

  • Brit makes Baltimore reporters look like gits

    Healthy skepticism — in blogging and in Big Iron reporting for a metro daily — is a necessary tool to have at all times. Take yesterday’s YouTube embed, allegedly from Baltimore’s tourism office, suggesting that Baltimore, the city, is safer than you’d think from watching The Wire on television. My initial reaction was shock at […]