• Subcompact Publishing

    Craig Mod does a much better job than I did a few posts back in articulating what is so special and revolutionary about Marco Arment’s The Magazine, which Mod cites as an exemplar of what he dubs Subcompact Publishing. The clarity of The Magazine is exciting. It’s doubly exciting because it’s precisely the sort of app at […]

  • Free swim in the workplace: 37signals gives over June to creativity

    One of my favorite companies — 37signals — just moved up another notch in my estimation, declaring the entire month of June as an opportunity for experimentation and, apologies to Merlin Mann, blue-sky imagineering.  This June will be a full month of free time to think, explore, mock up, prototype, whatever. People can go solo […]

  • User Experience is important: Reason #65398

    I have a last-minute trip to New York this week. Because this is the season, apparently, of $750 hotel rooms when you book them late, I decided instead to save some money and make it an up-and-back trip in one day. Which means I wanted an early train. So I searched for morning trains on […]

  • “What problem are you solving?”

    This is a link to the most useful post I’ve read in ages. Ostensibly, it’s about how Mark Wahlberg “cut some corners” to make his magnificent “The Fighter” movie. But it’s really about how to focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, and whether the methods to get there you’ve been told are the right […]