• Subcompact Publishing

    Craig Mod does a much better job than I did a few posts back in articulating what is so special and revolutionary about Marco Arment’s The Magazine, which Mod cites as an exemplar of what he dubs Subcompact Publishing. The clarity of The Magazine is exciting. It’s doubly exciting because it’s precisely the sort of app at […]

  • How one geek just outdid the entire publishing industry

    Most of my friends and colleagues in journalism or the magazine world have never heard of Marco Arment. A few more may have actually used his offline article reader, Instapaper. But I’d be willing to bet that almost none of them realize that, earlier this month, Marco surprised everyone by simply doing a few things […]

  • Sparrow in the coal mine

    I’m as guilty as the next guy for grumbling when I heard that Sparrow — the excellent OS X and iOS mail client — was just end-of-lifed thanks to Google purchasing it and the team that developed it. I don’t begrudge the team their success; my complaint is simply that a great thing that I […]

  • Can local advertising for small businesses be easier?

    There’s no question that local advertising on the web should work. After all, the digital space is where audience is growing. Also, it’s much, much easier to target potential customers, geographically, demographically and psychographically. And, yet, outside of Google’s products, there haven’t been a lot of easy, simple digital solutions to help a small business […]

  • Finding ‘a better way’ for online advertising

  • In print, Sunday should be an event

    While papers start cutting back on the number of days they publish in print, they shouldn’t miss a great opportunity to make those days they do print be really special. Sunday, for instance. Remember The San Francisco Panorama? It was an issue of McSweeney’s that took the form of a fat Sunday newspaper. It cost a […]

  • In book publishing, some emerging authors are finding paper and ink are no longer the best way to a reader’s heart

    A while back I was talking about how great it was to see music artists like Sam Phillips turn the old system upside down and not only publish her own digital music, but also bring her fans behind the curtain while she made it. It seems the same thing has been happening in book publishing. […]