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  • What happened when the money dried up

    I’ve been passing around an odd little YouTube clip of a 2005 Christmas gift from Sam Zell. It shows an animated statue that features a recording of Sam extolling the virtures of an economy that’s throwing off cheap cash left and right, And then, there’s a song: “We’re awash with cash to spend!” It would […]

  • Winner, Most Prescient Post of 2008: Mark Potts

    It was just shy of one year ago today when Mark Potts swam against the Zellebratory news of the sale of Tribune, in a post entitled “Here Come The Death Eaters,” in which he typed these words: Put that all together, and 2008 may be the year that the Death Eaters start coming for some […]

  • And so it begins

    Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are reporting tonight that the Tribune company has hired an investment bank and a law firm for a potential bankruptcy filing as early as this week. This is definitely a long way down the road from a year ago when the arrival of Sam Zell was […]

  • Langeveld: What it means to transform to a digital enterprise

    I keep coming back to this: if the people, through their behavior, keep telling newspapers that they don’t want the paper part of the paper anymore AND the paper part of the paper is enormously expensive to create and distribute, then why doesn’t some market take a leap and try going all digital? Yes, there […]

  • Alan Mutter’s incredible shrinking newspaper

    Yesterday, Alan Mutter promised a detailing of just what newspapers might do when things turn really sour in Q1 of 2009. Today, he delivers. But the list – at least at the beginning –  sounds awfully familiar already: The list of potential expense reductions includes squeezing staffing, shuttering bureaus, carving out layers of middle management, […]

  • “If you applied for this job, you may already be a winner.”

    Jobs in journalism are becoming rarer with each passing day. But at Scott Karp’s, there’s a great job for the taking. All you have to do is win their contest. It’s a job with Publish2, a start-up focused on helping journalism thrive in the digital age. We already employ two incredibly talented journalists, Tammi […]

  • Shopping for readers: a proposal for local news

    As she often does, Amy Gahran got me thinking today, this time about the average-at-best job local news organizations do covering consumer news. She asks whether news orgs could focus on shopping year-round, and not just on Black Friday, to do a better job of offering utility to readers. The short answer: yes. The long […]