• Narrativization

    There are more than enough reasons to feel uncomfortable with what Journatic’s been up to recently. There were the phony bylines. There’s the question of covering a local community from afar. And, most recently, the issue of at least one of their writers cribbing content from competitors and making things up. But those are all fixable […]

  • Budget cuts hurting? Here are some free ideas to improve your news organization

    The current topic at the Carnival of Journalism is: What are small, incremental steps one can make to fuel change in their media organization? (Yes, we’d all like to swing in our newsroom, lay some boot heels on chests, hoist the black flag and change everything by the end of business on Monday — but the reality […]

  • Imagine if a mainstream site acknowledged the existence of blogs

    Tip of the hat to the folks at bthesite.com for including prominent links out to Baltimore based and Baltimorecentric blogs in the main well of the recently redesigned site. (Disclosure: I helped create bthesite.com and argued loudly for the inclusion of local blogs) The local blogs have been there since day one, but were somewhat […]

  • Hyperlocal won’t wait

    Newspapers and TV stations have been throwing around the hyperlocal buzzword for years. Some have actually done something with it and launched web sites focused on tight geographic areas. But many of these are thinly-resourced and dependent on user-generated content that’s been slow to come. So what happens when a media-adept resident of a neighborhood […]