• Finding the next business model for news

    The theme of CUNY’s “New Business Models for News” summit didn’t emerge contextually throughout the day. It was staring everyone in the face from the multiple monitors spread throughout the newsroom taken over by about 125 industry thinkers and leaders yesterday. It was this: “Do what you do best. Link to the rest” Linking in […]

  • Budget cuts hurting? Here are some free ideas to improve your news organization

    The current topic at the Carnival of Journalism is: What are small, incremental steps one can make to fuel change in their media organization? (Yes, we’d all like to swing in our newsroom, lay some boot heels on chests, hoist the black flag and change everything by the end of business on Monday — but the reality […]

  • Why the AP will change or die

    Here’s a shocker: An Associated Press editor thinks it’s a bad idea for local news organizations to withdraw from the AP. Really? In an awfully one-sided report on E&P, AP’s Kathleen Carroll says that going through with the move will burden local news organizations and their web teams, who will be unable to replace the […]

  • If your site can’t handle inbound Drudge traffic, are you really in the news business when it matters?

    Seriously. If your calendar says 2008 or later, and you’re a metro-market news site, and you can’t handle a wave of traffic from Drudge or Digg or Slashdot or any of the popular linkfarms, you should rethink your server budget. (Yeah. I know. I should be so lucky.) UPDATE: I questioned posting this, because I […]

  • Holovaty to jazz up Google? (He says no.)

    According to Valleywag, journo-tech whiz Adrian Holovaty of and all-around likable oracle may be headed to Google, presumably to do some non-evil journalistic data stuff. Google wants to buy Holovaty’s startup, we hear. Holovaty says that he’s had no conversations with Google, but did have lunch with a friend at Google’s campus last week, […]

  • The Daily Beast: Not perfect, but at least it knows it’s on the web

    Tina Brown’s new venture launched yesterday, making this an impossibly late-to-the-party comment in today’s feverish blog cycle, but I really like this about The Daily Beast: It links. The Beast links, prominently. That such a thing is noteworthy here at the tail end of 2008 is a sad commentary, but I’m going to be glass-half-full […]