• Boom. Bust. Boom.

    I displayed the little totem pictured to the left in my office for the past 7-8 years as a constant reminder to myself and anyone who came to visit of how things aren’t always what they seem. Flush times could simply be masking bad ideas and stupid money. Tough times can present opportunities to think […]

  • Aggregation works

    Newspapers need to be dragged kicking and screaming, but Drudge knows it and Google knows it. Aggregation works. An outstanding way to build audience is by sending people away. One of my favorite recent arrivals on the web has been Guy Kawasaki’s The model is simple: aggregate the best of the web in vertical […]

  • A new verb: To Batavian

    GateHouse Media is up to something potentially amazing. The newspaper company has launched a news operation in a town where the local (non-GateHouse) paper had largely ignored the web: Batavia, New York. is an online news site that’s all local and 100% paper-free. By eliminating one of the greatest sources of expense – the […]

  • Most news, print included, is free

    That old tired meme – If everyone wants to read their news online, why don’t we charge for it? – is the Old Faithful of seemingly good ideas that aren’t. You can practically set your watch by the frequency that someone (often a print-centric newspaper employee) will throw down the idea as a fresh perspective […]

  • Inflation-adjusted newspaper revenues approaching 1982 levels

    According to The Newsosaur, Alan Mutter, the first-half 2008 newspaper revenue details, released by the Newspaper Association of America, represent the worst numbers in a dozen years. But that’s comparing 1996 dollars to 2008 dollars. If you look at print revenue performance in constant 2008 dollars, the industry hasn’t seen numbers this grim since 1982 […]